Purpose of Diet

Many doctors recommend a good balance diet to their patients. There are different kinds of patients who visit a doctor and receive that kind of recommendation. Some of those patients have hypertension or diabetes while other patients are recommended to have a diet because of overweight or obesity. These patients are the ones who need to have a balanced or proper diet. For what purpose? It is all for their own good especially if they want to live quite a longer life. What else are the advantages?

There are many advantages of diet. It is not only to make a person look fit. Some people intentionally have a diet because they are very conscious about how they look. In other words, if they think they are fat, though it is not, they eat small amount of food. This is how most people regard or think as the purpose of diet. Then, what exactly is a good balanced diet? It is defined  as a diet which is for maintaining good health.

The body needs proper proportions of nutrients. This can be achieved by eating the right amount of food that contains carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, fats, and minerals. Aside from eating food that contains all of these, it is also important to add the right amount of water needed by the body. This is the definition of balanced or proper diet. Some people want to maintain their weight and so they don’t eat food which is high with carbohydrates. But then, carbohydrates is needed by the body to function well.